Pierpaolo Piccioli | Valentino Co-Creative Director

When actor Ben Stiller was getting back into fashion mode for the sequel Zoolander No. 2, he called Piccioli to ask for advice. “If you have socks, you are not fashion,” Piccioli told Stiller. “He said why? And I said shush. I said, ‘You don’t try to understand. You just do not wear socks.’ “And also, if you put your arms into the sleeves of your coat, you are not fashion. Don’t ask why. But do not carry your bag anywhere but here.” Piccioli folds his arm with his palm face up and points to the crease in his elbow. “If you want to be fashion, these are the rules.
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New York Times Art Critic, criticizes curators for what white, Euro-American civilization did and was doing to the native people, animals and plants of North America

It’s as if the devastation of the West were an inevitable natural disaster rather than the product of vicious programs and policies of business and government.
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Charles Lindbergh, the famous aviator, during the height of Hitler's reign of terror at the Nazi Olympics in 1936. After being the first aviator to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, Lindbergh had been the most admired man in the United States and a national hero.

[Germans have] a sense of decency and values which is way ahead of our own.
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