How Could the Experts Get it So Wrong?

How Could the Experts Get it So Wrong?

Expert Predictions for 2016 Electoral College Results in US Presidential Election
 Forecast Source Clinton Trump
University of Virginia Center for Politics  322 216
Associated Press  274 190
Princeton Election Consortium 308 215
Polls-plus forecast 272 214
CNN 268 204
The Cook Political Report 278 214
The Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report -> Worst Prediction 323 197
NBC News Political Unit 274 170
NPR 274 214
The Fix Electoral College Ratings 275 215
Almanac of American Politics 2016 274 186
ABC News 274 188
Average Forecast 285 202
 Actual Results 232 306
Number of Experts Who Predicted Trump Victory 0
Source : 2016 Presidential Election Forecasts

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