Tell President Trump to defend patient freedom

The American health care system is a mess.

Americans pay more for health care than any other first-world country and our system is setup to make it impossible to cover medical expenses out of pocket - federal regulations specifically prohibit doctors from negotiating lower prices with individual patients.

SIGN THE PETITION: President Trump can help fix our healthcare system in his first 100 days by issuing an executive order to allow doctors to negotiate prices with patients.

In our case study we found self-pay patients can be charged 6 times as much as doctors charge Medicare patients. The bill for one patient’s two-day hospital stay was set at over $30,000!

The American health care system is failing because it is not a true free market - patients aren’t allowed to negotiate for the better care and lower prices. President Trump can help solve the problem by eliminating this overbearing government regulation.

Rage Back with #MyCrazyMedicalBill: Do you have an outrageous medical bill? Share it with us and we’ll ship you a free hard copy of the book, Living Sanely in an Insane World. We’ll protect your private information and help spread the message that the American health care system is broken.

Health care reform is a top priority in Washington D.C. in 2017 and Americans deserve the right to negotiate costs.

Tell President Trump - issue an executive order to allow doctors to negotiate prices with patients.

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One thought on “Tell President Trump to defend patient freedom

  1. Not only should doctors be REQUIRED to post prices but also every other provider of healthcare services, such as municipal ambulances, pharmacies, physical therapists, optometrists, dentists, medical supply houses, and so on. Posting their prices is key to being able to negotiate those prices.
    If a provider offers differ prices under different circumstances, those rates and conditions should also be posted. Warranty on services provided should also be posted.
    No regulation, rule or law should ever prevent a buyer from negotiating with a seller. This is the essence of a free market. But a free market depends on a willing seller and willing buyer who are both honest and under no duress to conduct a transaction.

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